Summer Resort

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<a href=””><img alt=”Summerresort3″ src=”; /><br />Summer Resort – Episode 3: Vivian Vs. The Volcano<br />Click here to play this game</a>



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Hey guys, most of you are probably reading this because you watched my YouTube video for the game “Alien” that I made. The demo is just a third of the first level.

Comment your email address on this post and the game (demo) will be sent to you.


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New Video

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Hey guys whats up!? Me and my friends made these new videos and we wanted you to see them so here they are: PS: A lot of people don’t get the second video because of the end. When the boy (me) says “ah whatever” and then disappears, that him using his teleporting powers.
PPS: My sister helped me with the music choices and some of the script like the part where I’m running away from my friend and hes chasing us.

Im getting a PS3!!!!!!

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hey guys, im moving soon. When I move guess whats going to happen??!?!!?? IM GETTING A PS3!!!!!!!!!!!!

i still havent decided on what my psn will be but if you leave a comment below with your psn then I will be sure to add you. oh yeah and im already sure what games ill be getting. im getting

Call of Duty: Black Ops
and im getting all 3 map packs

Modnation Racers
I’ll try to get some add ons

Modern Warfare 3
mabye sometime in December or January

Little Big Planet 2
Im probably not going to get any add ons but look out for my levels!!

Socom 4
MABYE i might get this game with the playstation eye.

Best Party EVER!!!!!!!!!!!

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Yesterday me and my sisters went to my cousin Daniela’s birthday party, I guess you could say it was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

We went to a place called “Snakes and Lattes” in downtown Toronto. Snakes and Lattes had VERY friendly staff and it was VERY fun. Did you know that they had more than 1500 games there?? Total pwnage!

I made some new friends along with seeing some old ones. I had lots of fun and I’m pretty sure so did everyone else. We played a whole bunch of games but sadly mee and my sisters came a little late so we missed out on a few. But we did make it in time to play a game of “Hedbanz” and “Taboo”. Robin and Daniela have the COOLEST family and friends too, so we got to share some laughs and alot of good times! It was the best party ever and was so much fun!!!!!!

Now i just cant wait until next years party it’ll probably be a blast like this year to! I hope Robin and Daniela have lots of fun in Vancouver when they go there though.

Nfs undercover help

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wanna know how to beat decoy on port crescent?

well this guide is for you!!

first just go slow enough so that the cops don’t evade or bust you

after the time limit runs out accelerate so that the cops evade and cool down then you win